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Is your practice the same as Community Health Connections (CHC)?

HAFFP is a separate practice from CHC. We are however located in the same building adjacent to each other. HAFFP is a satellite clinic of UMass Memorial – HealthAlliance Hospital.

Are you a new practice?

This practice is new as of July 1, 2014. The Health Alliance Fitchburg Family Medicine Residency Program has been open continuously since 1978 and has been hosted by HealthAlliance Fitchburg Family Practice since July 2014.

What is a ‘residency’?

A residency is an advanced training program where licensed physician train in their specialty. It takes three years of residency training to become a family physician.

What is the connection with UMass Memorial – HealthAlliance Hospital ?

HAFFP is a UMass Memorial – HealthAlliance Hospital satellite practice operating on HealthAlliance Hospital’s Burbank Campus, similar to the Cancer Center or Burbank Urgent Care.

Does the bus go to HAFFP?

Yes, the #6 MART bus connects Burbank Campus with the Fitchburg Intermodal Station.

How do you get to HAFFP once you’re on the Burbank Campus?

Entering the Babineau Building through its main entrance, turn left and follow the signs.